tiistai 14. huhtikuuta 2009

Sunday (warning, plenty of kitty photos)

This Sunday was wonderful, sunny, warm and full of nice things.

We saw our friends Kinkku and Mitro and went to some flea markets and I did some finds,
more about those later.

We listened to some new Röykksopp and it is so perfect for sundays. I also made strawberry curn pie and it was absolutely delicious. (I also took a photo of the whole pie but it looked like pizza.. at least that's what Pauli said). So we spent the afternoon on the balcony with our babies.

Elviira wanted some more!

The rest of the evening was pretty much like this:

7 kommenttia:

  1. Ne on itseasiassa vasta ens viikonloppuna ja nyt vasta hoksasin että nii sää oisit sit voinuki tulla niihin.. mut toi vaihdos tuli kuvaajan puolelta ja olin jo ehtiny alkaa tekeen vaatteita sille kolmannelle mallille :( mut syksllä oot kyl mun mallineito jos vaan sulle sopii <3

  2. Aw how cute!! I wish I could keep pets at my house!

  3. OMG dying! The Kitty Cuteness Factor is through the roof ;-) Adorable

    (oh and HI - new to your blog - found you via Vogue Australia forum :-D )

  4. Bucca: I would die if I could't keep my babies in this house so I can feel your pain :(

    KittyMeow: Via Vogue Australia Forum?! How on earth was my blog in there :D Well anyway, glad to have you visiting :)