sunnuntai 19. huhtikuuta 2009

Next weekend pop!

Next friday, there will be a spectacular event here in Tampere!

This evening provides full 17 member BigBand, International burlesque stars, tantallising performances,champagne, glamour, dance and great fun!

The amazing burlesque Starlets on stage are

Dirty Martini (NYC)
Kitten DeVille (CA)
Sugar Kane (UK / FIN)
Miss Anne Thropy (FRA)
Olivia Rouge (FIN)
Cherrie A.Dorable (FIN)
Sally Vanilla (FIN)
LouLou D'vil (FIN)

We also have two great HulaPirates DJ..s: Fiona Timantti & Miroslove Satan.
BigBand & Burlesque 24th of April at 9 pm-4 am
Ilves Bar&Night, Tampere Finland.

Tickets: 34€ (including cloakroom)
Nitrobabe, Tampere
Hotel Ilves Reception, Tampere
Hula Hula Boutique, Helsinki

For tickets (other than Helsinki and Tampere) and questions about the evening, please contact:

For more info: Big Band & Burlesque

Trouble finding cool stuff for you to wear?

If you happen to have trouble finding a little something something to make your outfit perfect, check out Olivia Rouge Shop or Illusion Costumes
You can also make some lovely purchases at the event from the lovely Hula Hula Boutique!


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  1. Hi there, what a charming blog you've got! I'll be back :)

    Have a nice day!

  2. Welcome Elina and come back again soon :)

  3. Premiere for the Minnie Mouse show?
    And I'll miss it all since I'm workign that night (but rrrrrocking at Wanted the next...)

  4. Nope, no minnie yet. It's Femme Fatale time! And I't so sad that almost nobody is able to make it from Helsinki :( sigh!

  5. Hi Olivia, not sure if you saw your interview on my blog - just wondering what you thought ?

  6. Oh sorry I forgot to write you about it! It was fabulous, thank you so much for it :) I haven't still send you the surprise thing but actually now I remember it again so maybe one day something nice will drop from your post! Thank you again and have lovely spring / summer :)