torstai 30. huhtikuuta 2009

Happy May Day everybody!

Ok I know it is actually tomorrow but here in Finland we like to start early.. as always. So what am I planning on doing today? I'm having a wonderful picnic with my dear gals, LouLou and Cherrie. After that we are going to see LouLou's boyfriends gig at a music theater called Palatsi (palace in english). I've never been there but I believe it is amazing (and would be a perfect place for some burlesque parties, oh yes..). As you can see:

So looking forward to it!

I have realised that I really don't do that many "outift of the day"-posts since, well, I'm not sure why. Sometimes I ask Pauli to take some photos and then I forget to put them here and then it seems a little silly to put them here after two weeks.. So we'll see! I have started to realise that this is mostly a party/burlesque blog.. oh well who cares?


I just updated my Olivia Rouge Shop's website with my new collection Sailor Ahoy! So go over there and check it out! Here are some sneak peaks:

Photo: Ile (
Model: Cherrie A. Dorable

Photo: Ile (
Model: Viivi

Photo: Ile (
Model: LouLou D'vil

Photo: Ile (
Model: LouLou D'vil

Photo: Ile (
Model: Cherrie A. Dorable

Still, the website is in finnish, since I haven't had the time to figure out all paypal and other stuff and since my credit card isn't working there isn't much to do.. But maybe some day some of this stuff will be on Etsy, I'll inform you later about that :) Until then, you can contact me via

Have A lovely weekend darlings!

sunnuntai 19. huhtikuuta 2009

Next weekend pop!

Next friday, there will be a spectacular event here in Tampere!

This evening provides full 17 member BigBand, International burlesque stars, tantallising performances,champagne, glamour, dance and great fun!

The amazing burlesque Starlets on stage are

Dirty Martini (NYC)
Kitten DeVille (CA)
Sugar Kane (UK / FIN)
Miss Anne Thropy (FRA)
Olivia Rouge (FIN)
Cherrie A.Dorable (FIN)
Sally Vanilla (FIN)
LouLou D'vil (FIN)

We also have two great HulaPirates DJ..s: Fiona Timantti & Miroslove Satan.
BigBand & Burlesque 24th of April at 9 pm-4 am
Ilves Bar&Night, Tampere Finland.

Tickets: 34€ (including cloakroom)
Nitrobabe, Tampere
Hotel Ilves Reception, Tampere
Hula Hula Boutique, Helsinki

For tickets (other than Helsinki and Tampere) and questions about the evening, please contact:

For more info: Big Band & Burlesque

Trouble finding cool stuff for you to wear?

If you happen to have trouble finding a little something something to make your outfit perfect, check out Olivia Rouge Shop or Illusion Costumes
You can also make some lovely purchases at the event from the lovely Hula Hula Boutique!


tiistai 14. huhtikuuta 2009

Sunday (warning, plenty of kitty photos)

This Sunday was wonderful, sunny, warm and full of nice things.

We saw our friends Kinkku and Mitro and went to some flea markets and I did some finds,
more about those later.

We listened to some new Röykksopp and it is so perfect for sundays. I also made strawberry curn pie and it was absolutely delicious. (I also took a photo of the whole pie but it looked like pizza.. at least that's what Pauli said). So we spent the afternoon on the balcony with our babies.

Elviira wanted some more!

The rest of the evening was pretty much like this:

lauantai 11. huhtikuuta 2009

Days after London

Feelings after London in General, two happy faces

Daytime me and LouLou D'vil were just two gals with sunglasses doing good shopping

Hat: Molla Mills
Blouse, belt, sunglasses and bag: vintage
Cardigan: Lindex
Skirt: made by me

Mostly we found new bling and couture for burlesque events and such and I managed to buy a gorgeus vintage dress that I still need to fix a little, so photos of it a bit later. Most of my money was spent on food, don't ask me why.. my tummy looks like it has gotten a lot of food lately and I'm not acutally happy about it.

As you can see, there were plenty of goodies around. Loved that cupcake and loved those coffee/tea cups, look at that colour!

We were prepared for anything when it came to shoes! (except LouLou who didn't have any flats with her when we got there but then she realised that it is necessary if you want to walk all day long, problem was solved though with those cutiepies with leopard print inside, in the first row)

Oh yeah and we were there for four days so, enough shoes huh? And we look like Real Life models of Minna Parikka, how many pairs can you recognize?

When the darkness fell, we turned into two femme fatales!

Hat: made by me
Earrings: vintage
Coat: made by me

With our best "bodyguard", Mr. Willy D'vil!

We also met some interesting people, including the photographer of Italian Playboy! Hahah! Oh and some random gal from Puppini Sisters called Marcella....

Hat: made by me
Brooch: vintage
Dress: Lindex

We were feeling exctatic after that fortunate meeting! What could be better, some real champagne, gorgeus burlesque club and a Puppini Sister? Can't really think of any!

If you're not familiar with puppini sisters, I highly recommend for you to go and check them out for example here:

I have to say that one of my absolute favourite people and performer was Natsumi Scarlett.
I was very happy to meet her in person.

In other news, it was a nice trip since I had such nice people to spend the time with but I have to say that the actual festival wasn't exactly what I was expecting but oh well after two weeks there is the amazing Big Band & Burlesque which I'm reaaaally looking forward to! Make sure you're there as well :)

torstai 2. huhtikuuta 2009

London calling!

The line of shoes that are coming with me to dance around London streets.

So I have been preparing for my London visit the whole week. Our plane leaves tomorrow morning at 6:50. I'm so excited!

I bought myself a travel pack of hot rollers, what an amazing idea!
No more hair problems while traveling. And the price? 19,90€.
Bargain (and supercute)!

I also made myself a new dress, since there are four different nights that we have
to go out and represent ourselves. And when I took a look into my closet, all
I could see was blah, blah and blah!

So I had to do something about it. And the rest of the clothes which looked "blah"
I decided to do something to boost the look up with these

Hats / hairpieces!

One with a swan, one with a small livingroom and then one just to keep things springy.
I might have to add some swarovskis to this and that.

Anyway I'll inform you how it went!