perjantai 27. helmikuuta 2009

Embarrasement x 1000

Oh wow it has been ages since I've made a post.. Shame on me!
Well actually there hasn't been anything superfun or exciting going on,
except for the fact that I might be getting a work room for myself from the city.

How cool is that? I will hear more of it on Monday. My plan was to take some photos
of it when I went to check it out, but decided that there wasn't really much to
take photos of so... if I get the place, then I will take some before and after-photos for you guys!

I am really annoyed about the fact that I have had some really nice outfits
these past few weeks but whenever I make myself look pretty, there is no one
to take a photo of it to this blog.
And oh yes I suck at taking photos with the self timer, it just never works the way I want it to.

Well nevermind. Today I'm off to a rehearsal of the Burlesque Star Revue.
Hopefully everything will work out fine!
Then later today I might start my new line of summer clothes..

Until my next post ( that might actually include something interesting)
Enjoy this:

Adrien Brody mmmmmm..

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