keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2009


Well nothing new here exactly.. Just some sewing and crafting and being creative. Oh and horrobul thing to look at since I'm spending all my time home alone, so no outfit photos any time soon!

This is basically what my life is about at the moment:

Work table full of crap! (ps. see a glimpse of my new tassels oh and panties for my show!)

My outfit for the evening, not the performance costume though.

And mostly my days have been full of this as well:

And since I got some souveniers from my mom and dad when they visited Tallin,
I'm looking forward for some nice occasions to enjoy these babies

Not the tasavalta though..

On the other news I received photos from a photoshoot with
LouLou D'vil and Cherrie A. Dorable, taken by David England.

I'm quite pleased!

I could post some group photos but I'm not sure if the
girls would like it. Maybe later!

5 kommenttia:

  1. Cheers! But hopefully the new one will look even better ;)

  2. Oh, very nice photos! You look good!

  3. sorry in fin: mut näin unta sun lehtiasustas! :D katotaa meniks sinnepäinkää mitä mun uni sano.