maanantai 12. tammikuuta 2009

Monday oh Monday

It has been quite a busy week and for that, not so much blogging.
I have mostly been doing things that have lots to do with burlesque
Read: photoshoot, outfits, designing.

And it has been a jolly good time.

I also made a new friend this week:

They are something that I have been searhing for!

20€ (- staff discount) from Citymarket.

Yesteday I cleaned my sewing corner (yes it literally is a corner) and got the
inspiration to do some new things:

Kitty brooches!

I think the girls thought they have found their long lost friends.. Ha!

Later this week I might add some photos of the photoshoot and do
a huge post of all the events I'm performing in!

Be aware!

7 kommenttia:

  1. Hi,

    I luuuuuuvre new oxford shoes! Great choice & post! :)

    kisses: Janet

  2. Oh thank you! I am a huge fan of thoes shoes myself as well :) Since my other pair that isn't the same but also quite does the trick, have been so worn out that it is just too painful to watch them die. So I had to get new ones! :)

  3. Oh, I understand it. One of my favourite shoes style is the OXFORD. Feminine and comfortable. Look after them! Do you like a granny style?:)

  4. I loooove granny style! I'm an old lady in a 21 year old body.. well at least sometimes :)

  5. What a lovely pair of shoes! I love that style and I have some looking a bit similar myself.

    The other thing is that I have challenged you in my blog. If you have time, check it out from my latest post. :)

  6. Loved your blog and especially Olivia Rouge Shop! It is so wonderful to have something like that here in Finland. :)

  7. Betty: Yes I will do it as soon as I have the time :)

    Sari: Oh thank you very much! That warms my heart :)