perjantai 26. joulukuuta 2008

Goodbye Christmas, once again

I have had a lovely Christmas and apparently I have been a Really good girl this year!
Though I don't think that is true..

1. A top Hat from my sister, vintage from Paris!
2. The red Taika from Iittala, a plate and a bowl from Pauli's mom
3. A leopard patterned big bag which I fell in love with! From mom
4. A hand painted mug from Anna, and it has a diamond and a ribbon in it,
what I'm famous for :D
5. Vintage handkerchiefs with "M" on them. From my sister.
6. A Moomin mug from Arabia with Mymmeli character
(don't know what is her name in english)
7. Lovely Sketchbook with vintage paris styled painting on the cover, from Kinkku.
8. Book of 50's vintage fashion and beauty ads, from Kinkku as well.
9. Chocolate! Lots of it! I will be very fat soon..
10. A Taika mug as well from Pauli's mom.

And here are the "beauty products" though the phone doesn't really go
with that category..

11. Seamed tights, from Hanna.
12. Aglaia Design earrings in lovely turqoise color, from Hanna.
13. Herbina beauty set, from Kinkku.
14. A Lip Balm with Pin Up girl, from Hanna.
15. New Samsung SGH-U600EVO and it is gorgeus!
(Though I am having trouble to gettin to learn how to use it..)
From Pauli.
16. Lip balm, from Anna.
17. Viktor & Rolf perfume box that is actually a music box! It has a perfume,
shower gel and body lotion in the same scent which is the Flowerbomb.
From Pauli.

A better look of the phone and lip balm.
It is all about Pin Up's in my life!

Then I received this lovely beret from my mom. It is from H&M and has
leopard print on a greenish base. Loooove it! And excuse me for my horrobul au natural face.

Then another one made by my mom. I know they sell those type of berets in H&M for
like 3,90€. But I respect some real woolen materials and my mom's handicraft a little bit more.

And I actually like how this photo turned out. Elviira is adorable!

Then I got this, which propably made me one of the happiest girls alive.
Yes I am one of those Sex and the City maniacs. It is just such an inspiring show.
Then Pauli also decided to buy me the movie.. and Ratatoille because it gets me in a good mood.

And makes me want to do some Gourmet food.
But that would never work, since I suck at cooking.

We are like a real horror couple! And Pauli looks like a lumberjack..

I'm not a fan of myself in this photo since there is no red lipstick! But since christmas is all about eating, it would just have been on the way and all smudgy.

Anyway Christmas was lovely and now I still have today for myself.
Which means, chocolate, couch, food and Pauli.

8 kommenttia:

  1. Waw, ihania lahjoja! Kaikki noi keplais mulle<3

  2. No kiva! Olin kanssa erittäin positiivisesti yllättynyt :)

  3. Mä sain ihanan punaiset superohuet Agent Provocateur saumasukat yheltä kaverilta. En varmaan koskaan uskalla laitta ne jalkaan jotta ne ei vaan hajois :P

    Haujksaa Joulua, onhan siitä vielä tavallaanki jotain jäljellä...

  4. no huh! en mäkään kyllä uskaltais laittaa :D maksanu varmaan ihan kiitettävästi... mutta ihania tommoset luksuslahjat <3

  5. Ihania lahjoja kaikki! Mutta etenkin olen kade tuosta vintage-silinteristä =) minäkin sain saumasukat joululahjaksi ja pari muutakin pikkutuhmaa juttua mutta ei niistä sen enempää... Mymmeli on muuten Mymble in english =)

  6. Kyllä sääkin taidat olla ollu kiltti tänä vuonna :) Ihania lahjoja! Täytyykin alkaa kattelemaan tuommosta Fashion kirjaa kanssa. Melko kasa Tascheneita jo hyllyistä löytyy, mutta ei tuota!

  7. Rhia: joo tuo silinteri on kyllä ihan parhautta :) ja kun se vielä sopii päähänkin! Pikkutuhmat lahjat on parhautta! ;) Jaaha eli oon Mymble!

    Betty: Joo vähän tuntu epärealistiselta kun katoin lahjamäärää ja mietin kuinka kiukutteleva akka olen oikeasti ollut koko vuoden :D Tuo kirja näytti ihan tosi ihanalta (varsinkin vanhat alusvaatemainokset!<3) joten suosittelen lämpimästi :)

  8. You are very lucky to have beautiful skin!