maanantai 29. joulukuuta 2008

Excitement on a Monday

So today has been about shopping in that horrobul SALE. Not for clothes today but stuff from work.. errr. So here is what i found.

A lovely lovely candle holder that is BLACK and it is made out of iron.
So it is very heavy and the normal price was 36.60€ and I bought it with 11€ - our staff discount.
Quite a bargain!

Another candle thing. This photo really doesn't make the justice for this lovely piece.
It is absolutely gorgeus and BIG (as you can see from the candle inside).
This was 39.90€ normally but I got it with 11€ as well and remember the discount.
So quite a bargain no. 2!

I also bought some sheets and christmas stuff since they were 70% off.

Then I found my signature nail polish for 2,90€ and discount from that as well (thanks Pauli for workin in a another place that we get discounts from!) and some powder.

I also got myself a new calendar. It was such a mission to decide the nicest one.
Well I'm not sure that did I pick the nicest one.. but maybe the most practical and stylish.

Oh and some christmas presents I forgot on my last post!

This lovely ensemble from my oh so stylish friend Fiona Timantti.
How could she make me any happier? There is no way!
So yes that is vintage and in an amazing condition.
Ahh this materialism!

And then another present from my dear friend Juha.

He got me a bracelet that was a little bit too big (my wrists are really small),
so I had to doo some altering..

I made myself some matching earrings from the leftover- roses. Love them!

And apparently so did Amalia..

Other news:
Today was filled with some great music,
burlesque plans with amazing girls,
some lovely meal and blueberry cider by myself.

And now some Sex and the City and chocolate <3>

4 kommenttia:

  1. Oh, I almost started missing the days I also worked in a lovely little decorating shop when I looked at your bargains! I should delete the almost -word. I started missing. :)

    And that purse is so adorable!

  2. I actually work in a huge decorating shop but still I can do nice finds from there! :)

  3. Mulla on sattumoisin aivan samanlainen rannekoru! =)en vaan ole käyttänyt kun en hirveästi tykkää tuosta patinoinnista... meinasin ensin tehdä siitä kaulakorun mutta tuollaisten korvisten kanssa se menis loistavasti... Pitääkin alkaa tuunaamaan =)
    Or should I comment in english?

  4. Saat kommentoida toki suomeksikin :) Juu itse en kanssa yleensä kovin ruusuystävällinen ihminen ole, mutta tuo jotenkin säväytti ja vielä kun oli miespuoliselta kaverilta niin olin aika otettu :) ja korviksista tuli mielestäni niin kivat että nyt tulee pakostakin käytettyä myös rannekorua! (joka ei myöskään kuulu noihin ihan jokapäiväisiin juttuihin meikäläisellä)