tiistai 16. joulukuuta 2008

Christmas shopping

Today has been all about ups and downs.

Anyway we went to some Christmas shopping with my parents and my darling Pauli to Ideapark. It was quite nice, since we went there at 10 a.m so there wasn't a lot of people yet. We did our shopping and it took like 6 hours ( I have no idea how we can spend all that time in there).

This is what I looked like:

Hat: Tiny Beret from Molla Mills
Shirt: Leopard satin scarf shirt by myself
Cardigan: old H&M
Pleated skirt: vintage
Shoes: from England
Bag: Vintage from a Friend

I still don't understand how those photos look so amazingly horrobul. I have to recharge our huge camera and ask Pauli to take some photos with it instead and maybe it will get better.

So after the shopping we came back home and discovered a lovely mail from our landlord or whatever. AND our rent is going to raise AGAIN. And we live in a s**thole. So after living here for three years, our rent has raised over 100€. Cool huh? Especially when I am about to be almost out of work on January.

So one simple wish: please people buy from my shop. Ha!

Well other than that I am quite pleased. I'm thinking of spending rest of the evening making some christmas food and wrapping gifts. And maybe do some work.. or not.

And things that make me happy at the moment:

Supergeeky Pauli playing once again (and see that little lumb on the left, that is Elviira sleeping)

Oh well. I'm back to thinking of my hair disaster and the fact that I might have to go to a hairdresser after many years since my usual one (Kinkku's mom) isn't doing those things anymore.

And I am terrified.

4 kommenttia:

  1. At first those shoes surprised me a bit but it actually looks quite good with the otherwise ladylike outfit! And it's practical too :)

  2. I know! It gives kind of a military feeling to the whole look. I love those shoes so much and yes they are very practical for this time of year :) (and for like provinssirock..). And the photo looks silly because I look so short in it since pauli took the picture :D

  3. Hihi, pieni tää blogimaailmakin :)

  4. o! Mää oon vaa tämmöne uusnyhvö :o