sunnuntai 21. joulukuuta 2008

Busy day

So yesterday I got a hold of a footage of my Cupcake Cutie show and I'm really happy about it!
You can see it here:

Today is all about doing things. I have to make a package ready (yes Ulrika for you!) and still buy some presents for my loved ones. I'm also going to see my sister after over six months and I can't wait since it is the first time I'll see her pregnant! What would be a nicer present than news of becoming an aunt? Well maybe the Polly shoes are almost there.. but not.

Oh well after christmas it is all about being creative and busy and doing my website and so on, so soon you should all go and visit !
And there are some really nice collaborations that are happening.

Well I'm really looking forward to christmas, especially that it has snowed in Tampere again and it's like a winter wonderland at the moment! Happy, happy!

And here is another thing that makes me smile:

3 kommenttia:

  1. I love your Cupcake Cutie show!

    So pretty <3

  2. Wiiiii! (that's for the package - thingie)

    We also have a video fm the night, but it's taken frmo a different angle, it turned out qutie well also.

    Merry Christmas, pus!

  3. NormaJean: Oh thank you :)

    Freelancersfashion: Yes darling it is now up to the people at post to get the package to you <3 I'm not sure have I seen your performance video from that night.. I have this feeling that I have, but it's clearly in my mind anyway <3