maanantai 29. joulukuuta 2008

Excitement on a Monday

So today has been about shopping in that horrobul SALE. Not for clothes today but stuff from work.. errr. So here is what i found.

A lovely lovely candle holder that is BLACK and it is made out of iron.
So it is very heavy and the normal price was 36.60€ and I bought it with 11€ - our staff discount.
Quite a bargain!

Another candle thing. This photo really doesn't make the justice for this lovely piece.
It is absolutely gorgeus and BIG (as you can see from the candle inside).
This was 39.90€ normally but I got it with 11€ as well and remember the discount.
So quite a bargain no. 2!

I also bought some sheets and christmas stuff since they were 70% off.

Then I found my signature nail polish for 2,90€ and discount from that as well (thanks Pauli for workin in a another place that we get discounts from!) and some powder.

I also got myself a new calendar. It was such a mission to decide the nicest one.
Well I'm not sure that did I pick the nicest one.. but maybe the most practical and stylish.

Oh and some christmas presents I forgot on my last post!

This lovely ensemble from my oh so stylish friend Fiona Timantti.
How could she make me any happier? There is no way!
So yes that is vintage and in an amazing condition.
Ahh this materialism!

And then another present from my dear friend Juha.

He got me a bracelet that was a little bit too big (my wrists are really small),
so I had to doo some altering..

I made myself some matching earrings from the leftover- roses. Love them!

And apparently so did Amalia..

Other news:
Today was filled with some great music,
burlesque plans with amazing girls,
some lovely meal and blueberry cider by myself.

And now some Sex and the City and chocolate <3>

perjantai 26. joulukuuta 2008

Goodbye Christmas, once again

I have had a lovely Christmas and apparently I have been a Really good girl this year!
Though I don't think that is true..

1. A top Hat from my sister, vintage from Paris!
2. The red Taika from Iittala, a plate and a bowl from Pauli's mom
3. A leopard patterned big bag which I fell in love with! From mom
4. A hand painted mug from Anna, and it has a diamond and a ribbon in it,
what I'm famous for :D
5. Vintage handkerchiefs with "M" on them. From my sister.
6. A Moomin mug from Arabia with Mymmeli character
(don't know what is her name in english)
7. Lovely Sketchbook with vintage paris styled painting on the cover, from Kinkku.
8. Book of 50's vintage fashion and beauty ads, from Kinkku as well.
9. Chocolate! Lots of it! I will be very fat soon..
10. A Taika mug as well from Pauli's mom.

And here are the "beauty products" though the phone doesn't really go
with that category..

11. Seamed tights, from Hanna.
12. Aglaia Design earrings in lovely turqoise color, from Hanna.
13. Herbina beauty set, from Kinkku.
14. A Lip Balm with Pin Up girl, from Hanna.
15. New Samsung SGH-U600EVO and it is gorgeus!
(Though I am having trouble to gettin to learn how to use it..)
From Pauli.
16. Lip balm, from Anna.
17. Viktor & Rolf perfume box that is actually a music box! It has a perfume,
shower gel and body lotion in the same scent which is the Flowerbomb.
From Pauli.

A better look of the phone and lip balm.
It is all about Pin Up's in my life!

Then I received this lovely beret from my mom. It is from H&M and has
leopard print on a greenish base. Loooove it! And excuse me for my horrobul au natural face.

Then another one made by my mom. I know they sell those type of berets in H&M for
like 3,90€. But I respect some real woolen materials and my mom's handicraft a little bit more.

And I actually like how this photo turned out. Elviira is adorable!

Then I got this, which propably made me one of the happiest girls alive.
Yes I am one of those Sex and the City maniacs. It is just such an inspiring show.
Then Pauli also decided to buy me the movie.. and Ratatoille because it gets me in a good mood.

And makes me want to do some Gourmet food.
But that would never work, since I suck at cooking.

We are like a real horror couple! And Pauli looks like a lumberjack..

I'm not a fan of myself in this photo since there is no red lipstick! But since christmas is all about eating, it would just have been on the way and all smudgy.

Anyway Christmas was lovely and now I still have today for myself.
Which means, chocolate, couch, food and Pauli.

tiistai 23. joulukuuta 2008

I would like to Wish you all A Very Merry Christmas
A Joyful, bubbly New Year!

I'm now off to my parents place to eat some porridge, but my vacation from this blog
won't be that long since I'm going to spend it at home.

So some christmas present posts are coming up soonish

sunnuntai 21. joulukuuta 2008

Busy day

So yesterday I got a hold of a footage of my Cupcake Cutie show and I'm really happy about it!
You can see it here:

Today is all about doing things. I have to make a package ready (yes Ulrika for you!) and still buy some presents for my loved ones. I'm also going to see my sister after over six months and I can't wait since it is the first time I'll see her pregnant! What would be a nicer present than news of becoming an aunt? Well maybe the Polly shoes are almost there.. but not.

Oh well after christmas it is all about being creative and busy and doing my website and so on, so soon you should all go and visit !
And there are some really nice collaborations that are happening.

Well I'm really looking forward to christmas, especially that it has snowed in Tampere again and it's like a winter wonderland at the moment! Happy, happy!

And here is another thing that makes me smile:

Succesful weekend

It has been a very lovely weekend. After a disaster thursday of not getting a hair cut turned into a lovely friday filled with some burlesque, drinks and lovely friends. So I was at Pink nightclub to see LouLou D'vil performing and oh she was gorgeus. I had some bubbly drinks and enjoyed myself.

But here is the thing that made me the happiest on that friday. I have to say that I have THE best boyfriend in the world. These are my christmas present (which I got to use before christmas, khih!)

So yes my new pair of Minna Parikka Polly's. They are my true loves.

This is what I looked like on Friday evening.

I was so sad about the fact that I didn't have the new haircut to the party, but I managed to dazzle with those shoes!

Shirt: Gina Tricot
Skirt: by me
Seamed stockings: Boutique Lou Lou
Belt: vintage from my aunt
Hat: by me
Earrings: Olivia Rouge Shop
Bag: vintage from my mom
Shoes: Minna Parikka

Then on saturday I got to go to the hairdresser finally. I was really scared since I have had this small fobia of hairdressers, because I have been let down so many times and haven't got what Iw wanted. This time it was different and I have found my own hairdresser.

Sorry for looking like a total retard.

Anyway today I'm off to work and then it is time for some Christmas vacation!

tiistai 16. joulukuuta 2008

Christmas shopping

Today has been all about ups and downs.

Anyway we went to some Christmas shopping with my parents and my darling Pauli to Ideapark. It was quite nice, since we went there at 10 a.m so there wasn't a lot of people yet. We did our shopping and it took like 6 hours ( I have no idea how we can spend all that time in there).

This is what I looked like:

Hat: Tiny Beret from Molla Mills
Shirt: Leopard satin scarf shirt by myself
Cardigan: old H&M
Pleated skirt: vintage
Shoes: from England
Bag: Vintage from a Friend

I still don't understand how those photos look so amazingly horrobul. I have to recharge our huge camera and ask Pauli to take some photos with it instead and maybe it will get better.

So after the shopping we came back home and discovered a lovely mail from our landlord or whatever. AND our rent is going to raise AGAIN. And we live in a s**thole. So after living here for three years, our rent has raised over 100€. Cool huh? Especially when I am about to be almost out of work on January.

So one simple wish: please people buy from my shop. Ha!

Well other than that I am quite pleased. I'm thinking of spending rest of the evening making some christmas food and wrapping gifts. And maybe do some work.. or not.

And things that make me happy at the moment:

Supergeeky Pauli playing once again (and see that little lumb on the left, that is Elviira sleeping)

Oh well. I'm back to thinking of my hair disaster and the fact that I might have to go to a hairdresser after many years since my usual one (Kinkku's mom) isn't doing those things anymore.

And I am terrified.

lauantai 13. joulukuuta 2008

Tiny Christmas Party - The day after

So yesterday we had our teeny tiny christmas party with some friends. The day before the party was quite a disaster with things left undone until the last minutes and horribul struggle with our christmas tree (it just wouldn't like to stay up nor straight). But everything turned out very nice anyway.

The lovely winter weather made me extra happy and feeling really christmasy (it's over now though thank you +3 degrees)

This is what I was wearing

(I dont understand why this is so blurry..)

Skirt: made myself
Polo shirt: H&M
Corset belt: Olivia Rouge Shop (aka made myself)
Bag: Olivia Rouge Shop
Hairpiece and brooch on the bag: Olivia Rouge Shop
Earrings: Aglaia Design

And I wore woolen socks.

Our Christmas tree is standing after all! The decorations could have been better.. but I wasn't really feeling it at the moment. And I grave for perfection when it comes to decorating the christmas tree.

And the presents!

We also had a cat flying on a top of a box... drunken peoples humour.. ha.

The boys were getting kind of tired at the end so we had to call it a night.

But before that!

Had to take a photo of me and my darling best friend Kinkku. And I have had maybe one too many glasses of wine at that point so ignore my face. Oh and I WAS wearing woolen socks!

Kinkku's dress is from Lindex Necklace bought from Ofelia Market (I can't remember the brand) Bag from my shop again.

And today I decided to put the decoration to gingerbreads I made yesterday
after burning half of them. And as you can see, I'm not the baker girl.

But I love the horse stencil!
Notice the one heart shaped gingerbread with P in it.

P is for Pauli and he is the cutest thing ever.

Today has mostly been about being a couch potato with my cat Amalia (not the one in that photo) and watching The Hills marathon and eating pizza.

perjantai 12. joulukuuta 2008

Rest in Peace Bettie

This is a sad way to start a blog but I just have to do my memorial of the amazing Bettie Page.

Thank you for the inspiration and everything you have done.

Rest in peace and may all the glitter and glamour in the world be with you.

torstai 11. joulukuuta 2008

There is a new girl in town!

As the result of being addicted to so many blogs, I have decided to make my own about my life, my designs, everyday outfits (which might be boring due to my real job) burlesque and my shop.

I don't know how much I am going to be able to post things in here, hopefully I will keep this thing alive and not forget it like so many other things..

Anyway; Hi my name is Mona, nice to meet you!